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#TakeThat ADVICE

// all formats at a glance & information on participation

An advisory program commissioned by the Performing Arts Fund, financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

All formats are for everyone who has received a grant from the Performing Arts Fund as part of #TakeThat! Whether info, peer or individual advice, we look forward to you and your questions!

All formats are also possible in simple language, interpreted or in sign language! Send us an email to:

All formats take place with zoom.

All questions about application advice about the #TakeHeart program will be answered directly by the Performing Arts Fund!




Sessions to handle the #TakeThat programs are no longer offered.


You can book individual consultations here.




Here you can find our new formats for#TakeHeartfunding of the Performing Arts Fund.





// Open space for advice on project execution

Sometimes it's the little questions that move you forward! In this session there is the opportunity to clarify general or burning questions. The questions are collected, bundled and gradually answered. Collective learning is the focus!

The access data for the PEER SESSIONS can be found under the dates .



// Important steps for handling the projects simply explained

Project end in sight?

What things must be considered for the proof of use? What scope is there? We give an insight into the most important points that have to be done now and which sources of error can be avoided. Inventory, factual report, numerical evidence, receipt lists, accounting of cash and non-cash contributions, award notes, etc.

To ask? Ready to go!

Registration in the office of the AGENCY FOR FAST EVERYTHING at

Questions can be sent in up to 24 hours before the start of the event. The access data will be sent by email on the morning of the event.


// Individual counseling n

Some topics and projects require time and dedication! There's room for it here! Catchy and individual advice from a qualified team of consultants are ready for the tricky questions about the execution of the projects.


We will find solutions together!

Make an appointment at . Feel free to send questions and topics directly.



// Successful creation of the ZN step by step!


Everything is Excel! At least for your settlements with the Performing Arts Fund. We want to take a look behind the scenes of the program with you, decode with you how the tables of your numerical proof are structured, check how the program arrives at its results and where the pitfalls are ... using rows, columns, digits, formulas, etc. in a playful way , moving confidently through the program in order to be able to work confidently with it in the future that is the goal of our event.

More dates to come!

registration at

All formats are also possible in simple language, with interpreting or in sign language! Send us an email to:

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