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We are the agentur für fast alles.

That is our name.

An agency is a company.

An agency takes on many tasks.

We are from Bremen.

We work a lot on the internet and all over the country.

We advise artists.

We prepare projects with the artists.

We help when the artists have questions or problems.

we Often answer questions about money or applications to funding agencies.


You can ask us anything.

We try to find an answer together.

You can get to know us on our website.

Here you can learn a lot about us.

We will tell you who we are and who works for us.

We will also tell you what we do.

We have many different projects.

That means many tasks we are working on.

We have a calendar.

In the calendar are our events.

We have many different events.

In the events you can learn a lot and ask questions.

You can register for the event in the calendar.

If you have questions you can call us.

Our phone number is
+49 421 69 680 430

Our e-mail address is

Here you can find our calendar

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