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Unser #TakeHeart Beratungsprogramm im Auftrag

des Fonds Darstellende Künste ist mit dem 30.06.2023 beendet. Bei Fragen hierzu wendet euch bitte direkt an den Fonds.

Nach Ende des Programms unterstützen und beraten wir euch als Agentur gerne weiter.

Schaut hierzu in unsere Angebote. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

#Take Heart counseling

// all formats and the next dates at a glance & information on participation

A counseling program commissioned by the Fonds Darstellende Künste , funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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peer session

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individual advice

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All dates at a glance

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Overview of the relevant topics with a focus on the where-used list.


The funding contract is closed, the project has started! In order for there to be a smooth conclusion, we STRONGLY recommend dealing with the proof of use at an early stage. Here is an overview of the most important steps and possible stumbling blocks. Because it's less complicated than it seems!

Subject areas: understanding the Excel template, explanations of deviations, Federal Travel Expenses Act, receipt numbers, reimbursement of expenses, withdrawals, comparative offers, etc.

You can find the next dates in our calendar!



KICK OFF! – Click here for the grant agreement!


From the funding commitment to a solid start of the project

What must be considered before concluding the funding agreement? How do I adjust my cost and financing plan? What rights and obligations do I have as a grantee? How does the new online portal work? What is important before the project starts so that everything runs smoothly?


We give an insight into the most important basics for the successful implementation of the #TakeHeart funded projects.

Topics: overview of funds, calls for funds, project account, withdrawals, own work, third-party funds, travel expenses, KSK, GEMA, insurance and calls for funds,...


Afterwards there is time for questions.

You can find the next dates in our calendar!




PEER SESSIONS -Your Open Space

Open space for advice on the implementation of the projects

Sometimes it's the little questions that move you forward! In this session there is the opportunity to clarify general or burning questions. The questions are collected, bundled and gradually answered. Collective learning is the focus! This format lasts one hour, you are always welcome, just tune in! 

You can find the next dates in our calendar!




Some topics and projects need more time, attention and tailor-made solutions! Here is the space for it! Catchy and individual advice from a qualified team is available for the tricky questions about adjustments and the handling of your projects.

Together we will find solutions!

If you want to book an appointment: send us an email.




Funding application rejected!?!


Overcome formal hurdles when submitting applications in the future

​The rejection of your project can have both content and formal reasons. In this session we will deal with the most common formal exclusion criteria when submitting an application.

No guarantee for the next funding commitment, but a good opportunity to exchange ideas and avoid possible sources of error in the next attempt.

After the game is before the game!

Unfortunately, this format is no longer available. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone.

All formats are also available in simple language, with interpreting or in sign language! Send us an email to:

Here you can find the dates of the AGENCY FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING.

Think cells // #TakeHeart consultations // workshops // etc.

We are looking forward to your participation.

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