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Begin! Non-binding consultation start! 


Make an appointment to get to know each other! 

Getting to know each other - exploring topics - defining goals 


The initial consultation is all about you and your ideas and projects! Who are you? What are your experiences? Who do you work with? What visions and perspectives do you have for your work? Which topics should the consultation deal with? What specific questions do you bring with you? 

All subject areas can be discussed here: From a rough idea sketch to the elaborated concept paper. More general topics, such as organizational structure, public relations, personnel or financing, can also be a topic for consultation. 

We take 45 minutes to talk to you about everything that is currently important and trend-setting. We formulate the next steps and goals together and you can then consider whether and to what extent short, medium or long-term advice makes sense for you. In this format, we also provide you with very specific guidelines and information on current developments in the liberal arts. 

Applying: What an application! 


A consultation for (almost) all applications  


We advise actors and institutions on all aspects of the application process. We are familiar with nationwide funding programs and application procedures in the field of liberal arts. What is the logical structure of applications? What should and shouldn't be included in a short self-portrayal? What should you pay attention to when studying funding guidelines and what influence does this have on the application texts? The number of characters is limited, how can you filter out what is really important? How can form and aesthetics be described so that they are clear and understandable? In addition, in the application consultation we can deal with the question of how the cost and financing plan reflects the project in a coherent manner and while we are on the subject of money... then we take the topic of the lower fee limit and with it the question "What is your work worth?" into focus and address the soft factors, such as "application frustration" or writer's block.  

It doesn't matter whether it's your first or hundredth project application, in the 45 minutes we look at your concept with a fresh look and a lot of experience. Together we formulate proposals for further action. 






WHAT WHERE HOW - STRATEGY!?! Everything turned upside down


Where do you want to go? Including directions ;-) 


The project is in place, but the strategy for successful implementation is missing and you don't know where to start? You are stuck in a dead end and desperate, if and how you can master this challenge? For such situations, we offer strategy consulting. It doesn’t matter whether you have been self-employed in the liberal arts for years or are just starting your own business, in strategy consulting we talk about realistic goals and how these can be achieved, draw up schedules and define milestones for the future of your company. This involves, among other things, establishing networks, allocation of resources, personnel management, time management, finances, but also soft factors such as attitude, patterns and values. We take our time and work together more deeply into your topics, challenges and goals and support you in identifying and tackling further action steps.  




ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL! Proof-of-use Service 


Easily master finances 


Accounting for grants can be very complex. In order to relieve this, we offer the where-used service. You send us the receipts and information and we'll take care of the rest: complete receipt list, inventory requirement, regular overview of your income and expenses, etc. 

With our service, you will no longer miss any payment deadlines and you will know where you can intervene to optimally process the funding. The proof of use service is our all-round carefree package for processing grants! 


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We are looking forward to your participation.

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We look forward to your message.

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