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Die DENKZELLEN sind umgezogen.

Alle Infos zum Programm, zu den Terminen

und der Anmeldung findet ihr ab sofort unter

denkzellen Bremen

// shaping the future of the independent arts together

A program commissioned by the Senator für Kultur Bremen.

A DENKZELLE consists of a small, powerful group of people who work intensively on a specific topic over a fixed period of time.

A DENKZELLE works together reliably for a topic, but always follows an open principle. Every actor in the independent arts as well as members of the cultural authorities and politics can be part of a DENKZELLE: self-commissioned, appointed or requested, following the larger idea, open, curious and ready to illuminate the topics from different perspectives.

These topic-specific rounds identify fields of action, show next steps and prepare these.

A DENKZELLE can take place digitally or analogously.

All current dates can be found in our calendar.

We are working hard on the new DENKZELLEN website.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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