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counseling // supervision

The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES offers counsel for artists, organizations, associations and productions in the field of indipendent arts.

Creating // producing

The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES is dedicated to art, we want to shape the world with it and through it. Others may stay in a standstill, we can move ourselves and others! 

Designing // managing

Shaping cultural policy processes, building up constructive and sustainable dialogue between different actors. Making the future at eye level and with shared responsibility. The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES is up for it. 

Find all the appointments of the  AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES via link to our calendar below.

Denkzellen // #TakeHeart counseling // workshops // etc.

We are looking forward to your participation.

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