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counseling // supervision

The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES offers counseling for artists, organizations, associations and productions in the field of liberal arts. From application to project management, from crisis management to support for processes of change as well as counsel on everything regarding communication - we can do almost everything. We stand for the liberal arts and accompany projects, processes and biographies.

Our team consists of cultural managers, artists, coaches, trainers and much more. We offer training, workshops and lectures on a wide variety of topics: writing convincing application texts, shaping your own vision, dealing faster and more efficiently with programs such as Excel, communicating constructively with authorities, the press, colleagues and clients and much more. In addition we offer custom-fit training sessions for your ensemble, your association or yourself. We are happy to come to you or work with you online.

ALMOST EVERYTHING WE HAVE given COunsel on so far

With the Fonds Darstellende Künste, the AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES has designed an extensive advisory program for grant recipients as part of Neustart Kultur and the resultant #TakeThat and #TakeHeart funding programs.  


We currently support a large number of  Artists in dealing with cost and financing plans as well as with accounting and proof of use for different funding agencies.

The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES has developed and implemented a comprehensive relaunch of the Landesverband Freie Darstellende Künste Bayern's association's structure. In addition to an evaluation  of the association members' needs, a new board structure and a new definition of objectives were carried out.

Together with the Landesverband Freier Theater Schleswig-Holstein the AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES conducted a reflection process on the subject of state associations and their board structures. Furthermore we have also accompanied the colleagues in their structural change.

In cooperation with the Landesverband Freie Darstellende Künste Bremen, the AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES developed and continues to work on the nationwide recognized project Föderkatapult - die bremische Antragsmanufaktur.

The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES has given lectures and workshops at various congresses of the liberal arts, among other things on the topics of association development, power structures and solidarity in the liberal arts and writing funding applications.


The AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES has done much more.

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